Car Hand Controls & Push Pull Driver Controls

These Push Pull hand controls are designed for people who no longer can use their foot controls while driving and need to operate the foot controls by hand, the most common hand control is the Push Pull hand control which is operated by the Leaver is mounted under steering wheel, you push away for the brake, pull towards wheel to operate throttle.

The unique design of the controls allows easy and unobtrusive fitting to all modern vehicles and offers the user unsurpassed comfort and safety. There are also options for integral toggle or rotary indicator switch, dip switch and horn buttons.

All our controls are manufactured and designed to the highest safety standards but are also designed to retain your original car style and driving experience.

All our adaptions and conversions are fitted by our trained and experienced certified engineers.

Integral Indicator Switch

Hand controls are available with an integral indicator switch in the handle. When driving with hand controls, your right hand will be operating the brake/accelerator level and your left hand will be required for steering, therefore you might find it difficult to operate the indicators with the vehicle’s standard stalk.

Multiplex/Non-Multiplex Indicators

You may hear the term multiplex or non-multiplex indicators. This refers to the vehicle’s wiring system. The indicator switch will look identical and function in the same way. However, the indicator switch is more complex to install on multiplex vehicles and is significantly more expensive.

Electric Throttle Hand Controls

The electronic throttle hand control has been designed to fit any vehicle which has an electronic throttle system fitted as standard to the vehicle. This means the throttle pedal has no mechanical connection to the engine and all engine speed control is carried via an electrical signal from the throttle pedal.

Once our control is fitted to your vehicle we can reproduce these signals via the use of a trigger handle attached to your brake lever. The brake is operated in the same manner as our conventional single lever control, by pushing the lever forward. This system allows instant and positive control of the brake and very light fingertip control of the accelerator thus providing the least fatiguing driving experience of any of the controls we currently provide.

Radial Hand Controls

The radial hand control is operated by rotating down for acceleration and push forward to brake, it is also possible to fit dip and indicator lights on the lever. This can also be a popular driver control for people who suffer from driver fatigue, it is always advised to consult your driving instructor to recommend what driving controls are most suitable for your needs.