Wheelchair Boot Hoist & Scooter Boot Hoist

Need Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Hoists for your car?

The boot hoist can be used to lift power chairs and scooters up to a weight of 150Kg in and out of the boot area of estate cars, MPV type vehicles, 4x4s and some hatchbacks. A power in/out option is available to aid full control when manoeuvring heavy wheelchairs in and out of the storage area. The hoist assembly can be easily removed and refitted to the back of the vehicle when extra space is required. All mounting frames are installed neatly to the side of the vehicle and powered directly from the vehicle’s battery, which is protected from overload by a fuse and a current limiting device within the main control box. Our specially designed keyhole plates enable easy single handed attachment of the wheelchair or scooter to the hoist.

40kg 2way Hoist

This hoist is reliable and compact; it can be used to lift small motorised scooters and manual wheelchairs of up to 40 kilograms.

The hoist can be neatly installed to either the nearside or offside rear corner of the vehicles boot area. It’s suitable for most type of vehicles, including hatchbacks, estates and saloon cars. The boom and upright arm have a unique folding design. This enables you to fold the post neatly when not in use.

To control the hoist’s Up and Down movement, you can either use the built-in control located on the main body of the hoist, or use the attached two-way handset, which is designed for easier usage.

An interlock system ensures that the lifting arm is locked in the up position before the hoist can be operated.

80kg-150kg Programmable 4way Boot Hoist

The boot hoist is a mechanical device fitted in the boot of the car to assist lifting a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or mobility scooter into the boot easily.

It is powered by the vehicle’s battery and has the capability to lift from 80 up to 150 kilos.

This boot hoist can be supplied in 4 different lifting capacities 80kg 100kg 120kg or 150kg.

It can be fitted in estate, multi-purpose family vehicles and larger 4wheel drive vehicles.

This Boot Hoist has unique features, which allows the user to easily programme a loading cycle. Users can pre-set a loading position for your wheelchair or scooter and then the hoist will load them into your car accurately as programmed.